Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Blogrollamabob Updatification

My anti-blogroll at the bottom of the right column has received a long overdue update.

Before I get into the changes, let me remind you once again, that the "Blogs I Frequent" section does NOT contain anybody who links me and certainly does not carry the expectation that I be linked back. They are simply blogs that I see fit to visit almost every day, and carry my suggestion that your time will not be wasted by reading them.

The Unforgiving Minute
TD has a great mix of Geek, guns, politics, knifery, cookery, and general miscellany.
(and the weekend hotness ain't bad either)

Smallest Minority
Kevin consistently provides great write-ups on a variety of topics (most recent of which, a great piece on journalistic integrity), they always cover the topics well, and are full of info. Always a great read.

Armed Canadian
The Armed Canadian visits a number blogs you might not, and always has another great read or a fine bit of wit on a variety of topics.

The Firearm Blog
The Firearm Blog is relatively new to the blog scene, but is eager to impress with interesting posts on a wide range of gun topics. You'll find guns new and old, tips, tricks, reviews, links galore, and (of course) teh gun pr0n.

While I'm on the topic I'd like to say some positive things about a blog that has been linked ever since I kept links, Say Uncle. This blog links a lot of gunny goodness. He'll cover politics, news, guns, and pretty much anything else. Uncle's is easily the blog that I have the most clicks through. By the time I'm caught up, I've usually got somewhere between 5 and 10 new pages to look at, and they're usually all worth my time. Uncle covers a lot of info, usually with little comment which helps you quickly decide if it's something you want to read. It's a great linking blog.

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TD said...

You didn't have me on there until just now?!? You bastard! :-)