Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Better RDP brute forcing


I hated TS grinder with a passion.

Bugger. Seems it can't cope with a GP "Legal Notice" (banner). Oh well, it's still good.


blogagog said...

Do ppl leave RDP on?

blogagog said...

If so, to quote the younger generation, omg rofl lol!

blogagog said...

This comment is left for the sole purpose of showing three pieces of toast in a row. Three pieces of toast is better than a Rembrandt!

ExistingThing said...

Blogi, you'd be flabbergasted at the glaring insecurities we find in large companies, national companies, and even publicly traded companies.

Network security STILL hasn't made it to the prime time. Despite all the SERIOUS consequences of neglecting it.

And yes, that is a lot of toast.

TD said...

So, is pen-testing part of your job, or just a hobby?

ExistingThing said...

I'm no longer "freelance." I've been professional for 4 years now.