Thursday, July 12, 2012

Open carried to Staples and Kroger

At first everything was going fine until an employee came up behind me and said, "Sir? Excuse me, sir...." My pulse quickened, my chest tightened, and I knew what was about the happen... After a tense moment, he continued, "Here are the rest of your business cards." DUN DUN DUUUNNNNN!

There were a lot of people at Staples and I had expected at least one would react in some way, but not even a second glance. Checking out at the register, the manager happened to be the one helping me. No issue, not a word about it.

I did find myself being mindful of my right side, and was more apt to look behind me, or turn in such a way that my right side was blocked by a display or my cart, but it wasn't like I was backing along walls or anything.

Kroger was just as uneventful as before.

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