Thursday, July 19, 2012

Benchmade fixed Griptilian sheath problem

The fixed Griptilian, being my favorite carry fixed blade, went on a few hikes and scouting trips in California. Southern California "wilderness" is pretty much 8 foot tall scrub with small game trails throughout, so hikes off trail aren't so much hikes as they are you swimming through bushes.

It seems that this was what damaged the sheath strap.

The edge of the nylon strappings has pulled out as the edge of the strap clearly ends at the edge of the sheath, instead of wrapping around to be sewn twice or being a continuous band.

I don't know of a simple way of repairing this to previous functionality, so I'll be looking for something more radical. I'd prefer not to get a new sheath made, but will certainly consider it.

This is not the quality I've expected from Benchmade.

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mygraine said...

if you have access to an old (pre 70's) sewing machine, you could simple take some 1" nylon webbing and follow the same lines as the original pals straps and resew them one. this is poor overseas sewing, where the binding tape seems to be the only thing that is holding the pals straps on..for shame on you benchmade