Wednesday, July 22, 2009

"Buck Ofama"

It's offensive, childish, and should have no place in American politics.

But hey; I didn't make the rules, nor was I the first to break them.

But then; goose, gander, etc.

But most importantly;

Never insult with style when you can insult with substance.

Well... Maybe not "never"... I mean...
Sometimes it's just fun to piss people off...
Er-- I mean-- exercise your right to free speech.
Because we all know what happens to rights unexercised.


Anonymous said...

I have 2 bumper stickers with this little gen-alphabet BB-idiotlogue politics of the now ditty on them. Childish? buckin-A! Exactly and this is what it has come to. People get the politics they deserve.

ErnestThing said...

I wish I could claim the philosophical high-ground, and disagree with you, but I can only smile at the idea of putting one of those stickers on my car, and driving to Seattle. :)

Anonymous said...

Buck Ofama elegantly captures the mood of America.

Anonymous said...

Where was your sentiments on this when bumper stickers said "buck fush"? Hmmm? Oh right... I forgot... that was bushes fault too... hee hee hee. Silly me for thinking there was a double standard involved. Silly silly me.