Friday, March 18, 2005

Sharing one love with another love.

Some times I wonder if my paintballing is a little too consuming... Actually, paintballing can't take time from work since it's only on weekends, but weekends are usually reserved for spending time with my girlfriend. This was probably my primary concern, that I was paintballing and spending less time with her. Especially considering that our work schedules don't exactly match up... She usually works from 8am to the afternoon. And I work from noon to late'o'clock. On a typical weekday, we see eachother when I get home at 9:30-10:30 stay up till 12, and go to sleep. It's not a lot of time together, but it makes Saturday's all the more important. Saturdays she usually doesn't work. So Saturdays we head to movies, B&N, hang out, watch movies, whatever. Sunday she works till 9-5, I go paintballing after I drop her off, and paintball finishes in perfect time for me to pick her up. She doesn't like missing time with me when she can avoid it. She might be high-maintenence, but so am I. We figure that so long as we both are, we won't have a problem. And we haven't. A few weeks ago she casually asked if she could go paintballing one week. I was extatic. We went out, and after getting her familiarized with the marker I made a concerted effort to keep myself from telling her what she should do. It's hard to see someone make the same mistakes you did. But there are things that can't be taught if the pupil is unready. She got hit a few times (most were while exiting the field, though), she thought got one elmination the whole day, her knees hurt, she sat out a few rounds near the end of the day, and went home tired, dirty, and bruised. I thought I had a pretty good handle on how she thought the day went...
Me: So, we going out again next Saturday??? Rhetorical
She: Sure!

... This moment brought to you by Tombstone Paintball. Tombstone Paintball, because paintballing beats the hell outa putting a ball in a hoop, hitting it with a stick, or kicking it into a net...

I was extatic.

We got her a mask the same day.

The following weeks were very enjoyable. We were spending quality time together, she loves paintballing, and she was getting better. In fact, she was making great progress, and great time doing it! She's staying tighter in the bunker, moving better, and getting some solid eliminations. Of course there's things she needs to work on, but in a few weeks she's about to where I was 2 months after starting. Like I said, making good time. She's using my tippy with the expansion chamber, 14" barrel, and shake'n'shoot hopper. She's not using the Apache loader or the double trigger because those upgrades will come when she perfects what she has. (incidentally, she's not too far from the electronic hopper. I'm excited for her.)

My reasoning behind this, is that if you get a 20bps loader, and a double trigger you will be inclined to use them. And when you do, you will become dependent on them. You can spot the kids trying to chew steak before starting on strained peas; they're the ones with the DM4s behind the first bunker firing 20bps at nothing in particular. Don't try to fight evolution, just try to be consious of it, and it will come.

Anyhoo... I'm glad that we can share in this, and... I'm glad I can play more paintball! *smack* I'm such a punk...

Well. That's really sharing one love of mine with another love of mine!

Now I just need to get my cat to play...

Thanks for reading this nonesense... Out.

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