Friday, March 25, 2005

Me getting a raise:

At a business lunch with my boss...

Conversation about customers and junk is followed by this question.
He: How long have you been working for us?
Me: Almost two years since I started part time.
He: How long since you went full time?
Me: ... about a year I think.
He: Was it last march?
Me: I'm pretty sure.
He: *eating chips*
Me: Wow. A whole year... Hey, I've been full time here a year, I should get a raise.
He: Yeah, you probably should.
Me: ... May I have a raise?
He: Sure.
Me: Ok... Um, how much does one usually ask for? Is there like a set number?
He: I dunno. I know there's a precentage based on standard of living... but I don't know if that works.
Me: Hmm... How much should I ask for?
He: I dunno. How much were you looking for?
Me: ... Ah- ... No clue.
He: Ok, well let me think about this (customer stuff we talked about) and that, (raise stuff) over the weekend and get back to you.
Me: Cool.

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