Thursday, March 31, 2005


Hokai... so, the other day I was working on my finances bills, bills, bills, paycheck and I figured a way to get everything balanced...

Usually because bills come at different times 1st-14th and 15th-30th and because some bills are bigger than others, it can be cumbersome balancing everything, ESPECIALLY when some unexpected expense comes up. But that goes without saying... Anyway, to the balancing!

Our rent is due on the first. It is paid with a check from my girlfriend. I give her the money, she deposits it into her account, and the check goes in the box. Well, I get paid on the first, so when the first rolls around, it didn't make much sense to be scrambling to the bank (especially with their hours!) to get the money out, only to have my girlfriend deposit it in time for the check to go through. So, one month, I paid my portion of the rent with my check on the first, and took out half the money for the next rent. Then on the 15th, took out the other half, and had 15 days to get it into her account for everything to go smoothly. So I "paid" a little extra off my first check to get ahead and have the money early, instead of scrambling on the first of the next month.

There have been two occasions where my company was a day late to direct deposit. Each time, the accounting department is full of apologies, and offers of advances, and driving out from Trabuco Canyon to deliver a check so there will be money in the account on the first. Both times I declined, and assured them, that nothing was going to bounce, explode, or rain brimstone from the sky if I didn't have the money in my account at 12:00:01 AM on the first.

but enough stating the obvious I managed to do the same thing with all of my bills. Or, rather, figured out HOW I could do the same thing. It would keep everything balanced, so I would have the same amount of money after bills each paycheck. No more waiting till the 15th because I have fewer bills than the 1st. But, as before, I'm going to have to pay a little extra in April. It *should* work out. Actually, there's no reason it wouldn't... two words... i, pod! Oh yeah, that. Well that's obviously going to have to wait. But for that, I plan to pay down my credit card, and use it for that purchase. keeping your credit card at 75% "full" may cost you in intrest, but is great for improving your credit. If april goes off without a hitch (<-ipod) I'll also be able to institute a good savings regiment. And put it all towards closing out some of these meddlesome bills...

So, uh... yeah. Not sure why you all needed to know that... I was just kind of proud of myself for figuring out how to balance all the crap that's been weighing me down lately.

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