Monday, January 03, 2011

Fuck you Arnold. This is a whole new low. You disgust me.

I followed this case pretty closely, and was unsatisfied with what I thought was the end result of the case.

Turns out the murderer's daddy is best buds with the Governator, so the political girly man's last act was to commute the sentence of the murderer* (*plead guilty to voluntary manslaughter). Which, as far as I'm concerned, makes him an accomplice the same way harboring a criminal on the lam would.

Because Esteban Nuñez didn't technically kill anyone (those he personally wounded survived) his family argued that he should only get 7 to 11 years for his part in the murder, despite the fact that the wounds he inflicted on two victims could have easily resulted in death. The judge turned down this request. The Santos family agreed to a plea bargain at 16 years, and said publicly that they were tempted to turn it down and let the case progress normally to what would very likely be a life sentence, but didn't want to have to deal with all the mandatory appeals California has for harsh sentences. So the Santos family took the plea deal to get some justice now rather than live in limbo for for a decade.

Then the Chicken-shit-inator commutes this short sentence to 7 years! Damn, You-disgust-me-inator, why not just commute it entirely! You know he's not going to serve 7 whole years. I suppose you felt like you had to leave a tiny veil of coverage on this naked show of political favoritism. Frankly, I find the veil more offensive than if you had just commuted it entirely. At least then you could say you don't think he deserved it, and should get off with time served. THAT would at least be a position. You only went to seven years because you thought people would be OK with it if he served some time for a guilty plea to voluntary manslaughter. This is a truly disgusting display.

But it gets worse, because our legal system allows the Santos family absolutely no recourse in the matter.

What an outrageous slap in the face to the criminal justice system, and a shameless show of political might over moral right.

Go to hell, Arnold.

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