Monday, January 17, 2011

A few things stand out

The congresswoman's survival is nothing short of a miracle. I wonder if that disgusting piece of trash lost his smirk after her found out she survived.

The shooting took 30 seconds and it took 10 minutes for first responders to arrive. Do the math.

Two heroes were forced to tackle this menace while he was trying to reload. It would have been safer for them and everyone else there if they had guns.

The loss of the 9 year old girl is almost beyond grief, but I have to know, do you think the father carries a gun everywhere now?

I pray that there are people out there right now taking a second look at those family members that they've been making excuses for.

And liberals, just as always, struggle to find logic in the illogical.

The nurture part of them is what keeps them from admitting there is evil in this world. Same here. It must be the music. There must be SOME explanation for why this crazy person was crazy.

You know, I can't help but wonder if libs fantasize about murdering those who disagree with them, which is why they're so violent and oppose guns (projection) and when someone goes off like this, they need an explanation for why they haven't gone off the deep end yet. Insecure. Uncertain. Scared.

and if this had happened at a rally of republicans I can't help but think the body count would have been lower


JP said...

one of his tacklers was carrying and decided that he would too likely hit others, so his piece never came out.

ErnestThing said...

If only he had been right there instead of across the street. Still, amazing story which I missed by only listening to the media on this story.

JP said...

yeah, he was gonna likely get someone no matter what. Look at Hinckly getting Ronald the Great.
In a crowd like that it is never gonna be good no matter what. A carry would have had to see him coming to prevent anything, but when folks is nutz, what can ya' do? Where carry really comes in is like Luby's here in Texas (one of those not shot had a permit but the law and Luby's policy kept it out in the car. . . all she could think was "If I had a pistol I could stop him" as he walked around randomly shooting people.

She ran for office and helped get our stupid licensing/registration and carry laws changed back.