Monday, July 12, 2010

Pining for a fictional Wyoming

I've been reading Molon Labe this weekend, and every time I put the book down, I note the lingering motivation to move to the fictional Wyoming. I read, and literally think, "Wow, this sounds great. We should totally move there!"

Guess Mr. Party knows how to write to his audience.


ErnestThing said...

Though I'm not sure why the government had to be run by some equivalent of the Lizard People.

Truth is stranger than fiction in this regard. Why overdo it?

Jeremy said...

That book tripped my daydream switch as well. Then I woke up and realized things will never get that good. Boot, Human Face, Forever, Etc, Etc.....The only direction is down. I try not to think about it too much.

ErnestThing said...

Cheer up, Jeremy! Gun owners are on the offensive like never before, and we've never been better positioned to remove these feel-good, victim murdering laws than we are now.

Hope springs eternal. (especially when supplemented with action)

And if hope doesn't work out, we still have the final box.

Jeremy said...

From Your lips to Gods ears. Regarding the final box, I am not sure if it will gain us anything but a new, heavier set of chains. Kevin Baker has several well thought out essays on the subject. The actions necessary to counter the advantage in numbers the parasites and their enablers have over us are completely foreign (and most likely abhorrent) to the vast majority of good people in this country. The current members of the ruling class have no such compunctions. When You factor in that freedom oriented people working together is a lot like herding cats, divide and conquer is a fail-safe tactic for the slavers. We need to take Ben Franklin's advice regarding hanging together or separately to heart before it becomes prophesy.