Thursday, July 08, 2010

Hope springs in Oakland.

Reuters: Ca. BART cop found guilty of manslaughter

Everyone was foreseeing violence after this verdict. When the verdict was read, there were many reports of companies sending their employees home early to avoid the potential riot.

But I have hope.

Watching the counter-protest of the Lovelle Mixon protest gave me pause, and hope that Oakland was starting to figure out that they'll never get ahead if they burn their city, riot at the drop of a hat, and refuse to cooperate with the policing force.

I have hope that Oakland will keep itself together after this.


Pop N Fresh said...

and I hope I one day have a toilet made of solid gold but it's just not in the cards now is it?

DirtCrashr said...

Oaklanders alone didn't just come together to burn the city - like last time there were a lot of outsiders who gathered in Oakland to burn, smash windows, and riot. They had been advertising it for weeks in advance.
Of the 78 people arrested - and of the ones I saw being arrested on TV - most of them were white and one even came from out-of-state for the funriot. The anarchists use Oakland and Oaklanders as a pawn and a staging ground for their night of havoc, it's how they "express" themselves."

ErnestThing said...

I noticed that while watching the coverage and listening to the police scanner too DirtCrashr. There were a lot of reports of white males and females putting on masks of the victim's face. Hats off to Oakland for keeping such good track of this protest/semi-riot, and hats off to the many from the oakland community for trying to promote non-violence.

It may be too soon to get excited about real change in oakland, but I think that if they haven't already hit bottom, they will soon. The rebound is next.