Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Had some serious coding problems last night

Had some fun last night.

Part of why it made sense for me to start a company for which I would have to write scrapers and scrubbers is because I really love the challenge.

Well, last night it got just hard enough for me to have fun. (that's what she said!)

I put on the headphones, cranked up the music, and stared at the code until I figured out a way to change the architecture to work within the updated requirements without rewriting the program flow (or the whole thing!).

It was a fun, creative, challenging process, and along the way I got to see how much money our program was going to save our customer by minimizing the delta between his prices and those of his competitors.

At the first small business class we went to, when asked the question "Why go into business?" I was surprised that my immediate answer was "To provide a service." I actually want to help my customers, and I know my partner does too. That's how I know we're going to go far.


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