Wednesday, July 07, 2010

God help me.

I tried soy "milk" in my cereal this morning, and it was disappointingly tolerable.

I see more marshmallow mateys in my future.



Enas Yorl said...

I avoid soy - it has certain compounds that mimic estrogen and other things that aren't good. If you want an alternative to dairy milk for whatever reason look into almond milk. It's delicious!

LibertyNews said...

Rice milk is also good, sweeter than cow's milk so you don't need to add sugar to your serial.

Davidwhitewolf said...

Yes, the estrogen in soy milk seems to be the new fluoride, if you look in (ahem) certain corners of the internets.

Still, I happily drink fluoridated water, but tend to avoid soy milk -- anything to avoid the dreaded old-man gynecomastia, I suppose.

DirtCrashr said...

Can you make a decent White Russian with the stuff? I avoid soy-milk since I don't need to grow breasts, but I like edemame OK. :-)

Anonymous said...

Hair cut check!
iPad check!
Tofu check!
Soy Milk check!
OMG What's next?!
WINDOWS 7 Server?!!?!?!?!