Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Think Obama hates it when states take their border security seriously?

Just wait until the citizens start forming up armed posses to protect their neighborhoods from cartel violence and threats.

If this goes unanswered by the Feds, they're practically handing the AZ police force over to the cartels on a silver platter. Once the AZ police realize that they are on their own, how long do you think they're going to hang around to get shot at by superior firepower and numbers?

Once those posses start forming up (if they haven't already), the justice and security they provide will be... imprecise. Lets be honest, a bunch of guys with guns aren't exactly a legal system, which is why we formed a legal system in the first place. We send money and support to remote areas so the law can be enforced evenly all over the country, and civilization can take hold. But we need to maintain the power of law to maintain our civilization. Without enforcement from the highest office in the country, can you blame the beleagured citizens for taking the law into their own hands?

If Obama hates it when states take their border security into their own hands, he'll be livid to hear mere citizens are picking up guns and doing the job the feds won't do themselves.

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