Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Since obama was bitching about the cost of the Iraq war



Shamgar said...

Er...what are you getting at here.. That because the Iraq war was "only" 700 billion dollars, and Obama's stupid stimulus was more that we shouldn't care about the cost of the Iraq war, or that the debt of BOTH means our children and our children's children, and really even further than that will be enslaved to government debt?

At least he's complaining about the cost of *something*. That's a nice change, I wasn't aware he had a concept of US treasury not being a bottomless well.

Further, that fox news comparison is stupid. You can't draw a comparison of what the costs would've been w/out the war, because you can't measure the negative impact on the economy from all of the people who were taken from productive labor to go fight in this war. You can't measure the opportunity cost from the loss of raw materials that went into making products that we then flew overseas and blew up. You can't measure the opportunity cost of the money seized from the private sector to pay for it.

ErnestThing said...

And you can't measure the lost economic drive surrounding the bailouts of failing companies, the continued floating of bad debt when everyone who invests with their *own* money knows they're just kicking the can down the road, the business cutbacks and uncertainties about the full implications Obamacare, etc etc etc.

But still, apples to oranges. Agreed.

However, Obama bitched that the war cost 1 trillion dollars and started clucking like a deficit hawk.

So no. STFU.