Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Dear Senator Boxer,

RE: Spyware bill

Software that installs itself on peoples' computers is illegal, which is why pseudo-spyware companies offer misleading or confusing acceptance messages that cause the user to approve the download and installation of the spyware. This is legal.

The unapproved or forced installation of software on a user's computer is accomplished via software exploits coupled with malicious software forming viruses and computer worms. These types of software are already illegal to make and use.

There are semi-legitimate companies who perform the illegal type of spyware installs, but these companies are well aware of the illegality and have already sought hosting out of the country where they are not required to abide by any laws you may pass.

I understand you're trying to appear tough on "cyber crime" and identity theft, but seek professional input before you decide to attach your name to one of these feel-good, do-nothing types of legislation that accomplish little more than wasting the tax dollars you harvest from us.

Perhaps your time is better spent on the closing emergency rooms, our failure of an education system, crime rates, increasing strength and ferocity of gangs, the devaluation of education, prisons reaching their bursting point, welfare fraud and abuse, the evacuation of businesses, overspending associated with unions, and the rash of dishonesty in many elected officials.

Please prioritize. We're not ignorant; we know the important issues, and if you spend time on them, we will appreciate you for it.



blogagog said...

Is this the bill they want to use to put an end to bittorrent because it 'makes it too easy to spread viruses'?

Some Senator's paraphrased words, not mine.

Stout Republican said...

I got the same freaking email.

What shocked me more was the fact she had to describe what spyware was, as if she'd just discovered it herself.