Tuesday, December 13, 2005

On wearing tools

I already had my first solution, because I already wore a mini USB drive around my neck. this solution seems to qualify as elegant. My second solution came in the form of an LED attached to a strong clip with an 8 point swivel. It has a slide switch so it stays on, and can clip to just about anything including my moleskin (check off book light...) The clip can attach to glasses, bands, the brim of a cap, whatever. My solution was to clip it to my belt loop. It is covered by my untucked shirt and is still easily accessable without being in the way of anything! I clip it at 9 o'clock and forget about it till I need it. The side of the hips doesn't see a lot of movement or preassure so the location is ideal. Since I obtained my paracord 550 I picked up an $8, 5000 pound carabiner. I took about 5 feet of cord, folded it in half and tied figure 8 knots in it every inch or so. It took some futzing to get the knots the right spacing but it was wirth the time. The current length of the lanyard is about 1/3 of what it was. It makes a tolerable key lanyard. The unknotted spots are big enough to fit the carabiner through to make a loop that should hold about 1100 pounds, and can be used to your creative heart's content. The carabiner is a bit unweildly but it's managable, and it's a small price to pay for its utility.

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