Tuesday, December 13, 2005

On carrying tools

I endeavor to be constantly prep aired. My attempts are thwarted regularly by practicality (ah, practicality, my old foe). I list the tools I commonly need (or would need to be prep aired), unfortunately I can't go to work or hang out casually in clothes that would permit carrying all the items. The result is me going to work with what I can fit (mostly) comfortably in my pockets (creating lots of unattractive and thigh-poking bulges in my otherwise nice pants). My first idea for a solution was a crude one. More pockets. I thought the Scott's e-vest approach would work. But no. Furthur thought only left me with more unsightly bulges in my pants or shirt/vest/jacket. I knew there had to be a more elegant solution to my problem. I said in my notes, "stop carrying things, start wearing things." This seems to be the solution, but it's the execution that eludes me.

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