Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Quick range trip

On my last .22 trip to the range, I brought the 1911 for a little attention. Unfortunately, I didn't shoot it very well.

So last weekend, I went to the range with the GI .45 and the XD-9, and was surprised to find that I just sucked that day.

A a few single ragged holes through a few targets later, I had full confidence back in my 1911, and my XD-9 felt much more natural than I remembered.

I got a few compliments on my shooting, as usual, but no one seemed interested in any pointers, so I didn't offer them.

One of my near-term goals is to get as good with my .30 rifles as I am with my pistols and AR carbine.


DirtCrashr said...

Some days are just better than others, it's not all the same over and over. ;-)

ErnestThing said...

Oh yeah, I've had those days. Very frustrating.