Monday, November 30, 2009

I don't know what any of that means.

I've been busy.

The buildup to the trigger pull on the business has been surprisingly fruitful. I cannot overstate the importance of making use of all your resources. Talk to everyone you know, and let them know you're starting a business, and you're looking for clients and pay for referrals. Help comes from the most unexpected places, and once you start making connections more directly related to your business, that network expands very quickly.

I finally got off my lazy ass and called Walther about the space gun, and they told me they'd send me a fedex label and I need only ship back with a note indicating the issue. I take this as good news since Walther is owned by S&W, and sending my 442 in was free and simple. I guess we'll see.

LameBook is good for more than a few hours of entertainment. The things some people post on public social networking sites make me lose faith in humanity. But then, there are people making sites about it, and people uploading it, and people laughing at it, so hopefully the segment of humanity I should be losing faith in is a small one.

Lua is a neat little programming language. I'm learning it for work, and I like that it's so easily built into other programs, and is frequently used as a scripting language within other products. I think I'll be running into it again in the future. Also, the dynamic tables are cool.

I still try to make use of my twitter, but don't expect any brilliant revelations.

The primary waster of my time has been Modern Warfare 2 (video notes: multiple kills unlock the remote controlled weapons, which are accessed when the player opens the laptop, so that's what's going on there), which I wager has been sapping productivity across the nation and to a lesser degree world since launch. The single player campaign is jam-packed with intensity, perhaps too much intensity. You can get through the campaign in about 5 hours, but when you're done, you'll think it has been longer. Like finishing your first episode of 24 and realizing that all that awesome was packed into a scant 40 minutes. But the real time waster is the multiplayer. Hours and hours (and hours) just melt away. The progress based unlocking of weapons and attachments keeps you going for ONE MORE level or ONE MORE kill. It's really something. But Penny Arcade has a point. I discovered the tactical knife/commando/marathon/lightweight combo early. It's fucking hilarious. Concordantly, the double shotgun guy really IS a dog rapist.

Assassin's Creed 2 claimed the remainder of my gaming time with its flawless execution and beautifully rendered world. All the kinks from Assassin's Creed 1 are gone, and golden mortar has been used to fill the cracks. In addition to being visually stunning, elegantly brutal, and intuitively designed, it has something AC1 didn't have; an ending! And not a shitty one either. Sure they left it open for the next game, but what game doesn't nowadays? Besides, after the ending, you'll WANT to know what's going to happen next. The side collect quests are still there, but they feel a little more connected to the story, and actually have a purpose. I'm talking to YOU, Desmond.


In related news; games are robbing you (SPOILER ALERT for Dragon Age at that link!)

Rediscovering old favorites is always fun.

Dexter somehow manages to outdo itself four seasons in. Seriously; more like this please.

A great video, with perfect music

Current earworm: Parisian Goldfish - Flying Lotus. If you want to know where I got it, you'll have to ask Breda. If you do, I can't recommend watching the whole video. Full disclosure: I watched the video many times. The first few times were for novelty, but after that I kept watching to see if I could reverse engineer the kind of mind that would direct and create such a thing. I mean; what do you say to the actors you've hired to get them to make the faces on the video? And where on Earth do those backgrounds come from? Continued watching actually gave me flashes of artistic brilliance, but that may have been due to my weakened mental state (due to the continued watching itself). Perhaps it's similar to listening to the drukqs album after only hearing selections from the album. You think Aphex Twin is brilliant until you listen to the rest of the album and realize he might just be throwing shit at the wall and seeing what sticks. (but don't mistake my derision for dislike, I think he's brilliant)

In other news; teenage boys will be teenage boys. It's harder to watch one do stupid shit when you realize that you'd probably have done the same at that age.

I overshaved (overshove?) my beard. I'm down to goatee mode. I think I look weird.


ErnestThing said...

Also, I would pay $50 a year to auto-mute anyone with a creative spelling of, euphemism for, or ascii representation of a penis.

Get on it, XBox Live.

Female player: Alright guys, I'm out for the night. Later.
Other players: Later.-- Bye -- 'night.
Idiot: Yeah you better quit. You have to go clean your vagina!
Me: So if she needs a douchebag, are you available?
Other players: *laughter*
Idiot: *silence*

The Tarquin said...

It's official: "overshove" is now my favorite word of all time.

Also: I haven't purchased Modern Warfare 2 yet, but that's mostly just because Left 4 Dead 2 and Dragon Age are already sucking all my spare time and then some. I swear, there are WAY too many good games out right now.

ErnestThing said...

Agreed. Have you checked out Demon Souls? It's making me want to get a ps3.

The Tarquin said...

YESSSSS! Looks amazing. I'm a huge sucker for both Fantasy RPGs and dark, well-developed settings. That being said, I don't own a PS3 and I don't know if one awesome game is enough to get me to buy one.

Add in the fact that I'm already well behind on my "to play" list for XBox and, well, probably not happening.

Still, the game seems like it'd be AWESOME.