Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Working out works

Holy crap.

Since we've returned from Cancun, we've been talking about working out. Though that's pretty much all we've been doing. In the past few weeks I've been using the excuse of feeling crappy for not going; nothing particular, just upset stomach, sluggishness, general malaise...

Well, yesterday I was thinking about the times when I did work out, and how well I felt for the rest of the day when I did. I decided that I would just have to drag my ass to the gym today.

I ate way too much pizza last night, so I was thoroughly crappy around 9:45 when I woke up. Work was at 11, so I had a little time. Time I spent trying to sleep a little more, and thinking about whether or not I really want to go to the gym... Around 10:10 I got up and started looking for my workout clothes; I caught myself taking my time so I wouldn't be able to go, so I picked up the pace and was dressed and ready to go at 10:35(ish). Hit the gym for about 40 mins, did some time on the eliptical to get the blood pumping, then some very light weight training (to not get sore, so I could go back sooner).

Now that I'm at work, I feel so much better than I would have had I not gone to the gym.

That was kind of a pointless story...

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