Tuesday, January 04, 2005

My dream last night

Had a dream last night, it was rather odd (as most of my dreams are) but one part stood out in my mind (so much so I actually remembered it!)

First I need to set the scene:

Ok, so I'm a member of some sort of firefighting swat team/army thing (don't look at me like that! very few of my dreams make sense!), and we're going to this training place (to put out fires???) and when we get there they set up a mobile command post type thing. Tents, trucks, gear, etc. I arrive late, and forget all my gear, but it's ok because there is extra gear I can use. The gear is spread out on three tables, and I sit at a bench and start undressing. This was not in a tent, apparently we change outside, it's like a co-ed dressing area, but it's no big deal because we don't seem to mind being naked in front of our classmates.

Between the bench I was on, and the tables with gear were a few female classmates who were standing facing eachother and talking. While I was getting undressed I heard one of them say to the others, "So, boxers or briefs?" then they started commenting about what kind of man wears boxers, and what kind of man wears briefs. "briefs; classic, reliable, but kinda tight, and gets dirty easily!" "boxers; loose, fun, but totally immature!" After each girl chimed in with their preference, or something funny, and as they were finishing talking about it I (naked after undressing on the bench) picked up some long-johns (what? I like them!), pretending to ignore their conversation. Some of the girls took notice, and watched me as I walked back to my bench to put them on.

The blonde said to the other girls, but loud enough for me to hear, "...Long-johns???" with a snicker, and two other girls replied, "definately not!" And as they were laughing, and I was putting them on, a short girl with the dark punker-style hair who was looking at me said, "I don't know... not afraid to admit what he likes, doesn't care what other people think... true to himself, aloof... bold... sexy... my kinda guy..." After she said the last part I, standing with one foot on the bench bent forward tying my boot, turned my head to look at her for a second with an emotionless face... Then turned back to my boot and continued getting ready to do my job.

When I woke up after that I was so excited that I was so cool in my dream! X) And while that in-and-of itself is uncool, I don't care. I liked it. ;P

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