Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Excitement about cloud computing

Even though cloud computing showed the potential to obliterate the PC vs console gaming barrier, I still found it hard to get excited about it.

Until I realized that I could probably play Dwarf Fortress at a tolerable frame rate.

I actually gasped.

I lurve me some Dwarf Fortress.

"Yeah, cloud computing is great and all, but will I be able to play my roguelikes?"


echoeversky said...

Hola fellow DF Player!

Saw your pic (http://towhichireplied.com/images/dwarf_fortress_explication.png) and zomg! What did you set your ini file to view such a large area?

Im still at the bang rocks stage with 40+ dwarves and barely have them in armor and for some reason cant figure out how to get them to use the crossbows (ie pick up some bolts) heh.

Fletch said...

That's just an image export, it's not an actual in-game shot.

I can't get past 20 dwarves before my FPS takes a dump, and I can't play anymore. I will have a better PC soon, and should be back to posting more DF stories soon.

I think you need to set them to use crossbows in their soldiering settings. Then they'll pick up a crossbow and bolts, and use them automatically for attacking or hunting.